Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updates, updates, updates

Lately I haven't been finding a whole lot of time to write... because I'm suddenly enjoying reading, being outside, and hanging around humans again. What a concept! We finally had a weekend here in Chi-town where temps were consecutively in the 60s, so I was able to take Elvis on long walks, walk home from work (okay, I probably shouldn't have done that anyway), and go to a Cubs game with my new friends. Leave it to Chicago to put up a fight in losing a 23-year resident.

Yesterday's talk with the Director of Development was a bit odd; on one hand, it felt like a formality, but at the same time I also had the acute feeling that if we didn't 'click' then I could kiss the job sayonara. I played it well, however: I played friendly hardball in the interview, shot a thank-you email out to them immediately, and then emailed 'best place to work' to fill them in on the details. This might seem a bit bold, but my contact there keeps telling me to let them know when I'm interviewing elsewhere. Needless to say, I got a frantic phone call from Nicole telling me of prospective teams interested in me, and I've been written into her schedule for a phone update on Thursday. Show momma the offers!

Moral of the story: play your hand the best you can. A little bluffing can do wonders if you do it right. You're tryin for a job, and it is the same as any other business transaction. You have to be tactful, witty, and on the offensive.

I'm also really looking forward to tomorrow: American Ballet Theater is performing 'Sleeping Beauty' at the Civic Opera House! And, of course, PR girl has free tickets courtesy of this great job I'm leaving in just a few days. For once the second ticket in my pair is getting used, as I'm taking a new, great friend who also happens to be a ballet virgin. Look for a fun re-cap on Thursday, or perhaps tomorrow night after the festivities.

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