Monday, April 14, 2008

Eye on the Prize

It's been an interesting weekend, bleeding into what promises to be an interesting week (and end to the month). Nick flew in Friday night, and I carted him around the city showing him all my favorite places. He's in town for his graduation from the Professional Development Program at Abbott Laboratories, which means that he too will soon be unemployed (my last day at TSG is Friday, and I made a hire for my replacement today). We're screwed! Okay, we'll probably be fine... he'll be especially fine, what with his highly marketable majors...

It was a good weekend for me because I got a lot off of my chest. The past few months have been heavily precipitated with panic attacks regarding work, life, love, and my ever-expanding ass. My buddy Tony has been trying to get me to 'write it all down' ever since I met him, and I've fully resisted it up until now. Nick suggested making lists of our goals, what needs to get done, and what we'd like to get done, with everything categorized and prioritized properly. We only really got around to the Travel list, but the others should be forthcoming. It really does make me feel better because: A, I know that Nick is focusing on the same thing as me, B, I have some sort of focus besides just getting it all together, and C, I can entertain the thought that this list of hopes and goals is actually a loose timeline of a successful and happy life together.

Nick also commented on the future of this blog. All weekend he marveled at how I knew how to get around the city, knew exactly where to go eat, and had a wealth of interesting websites at my fingertips to figure out, say, how to get a Chicago-style hotdog in Logan Square at 11pm. Interestingly enough, this Chi-savvy is a huge reason why I am less than enthusiastic about the idea of a new city, because I'm afraid that I won't develop such an urban fluency in San Francisco or that it won't be quite so user-friendly. However, I am looking forward to getting to know San Fran as well as I know Chicago, and hopefully better. Thus this blog will turn into a diary of sorts following my explorations, discoveries, and recommendations in the new city. I'm rather looking forward to it!

also: hopefully this blog will need an aim different than 'looking for a job' soon

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