Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's all winding down

Well, it's Thursday. After an insane week at work (in a position that's supposed to be extremely low stress), I'm passing the torch to my new incumbent. I've been rather stressed about training her, as I basically created the position and care very deeply about the office, my co-workers, and the clients. I don't want to let anybody down.

Tomorrow's my last day, and then I'm officially unemployed. It's a little frightening, especially considering I did NOT get the research job, and 'best place to work' is being slower than molasses. The woman hiring for the research job was incredibly nice about it, and they assured that I was extremely qualified and definitely in the final decision. What it came down to, I realize, is that the other candidate was able to interview in person, while I was doing everything over the phone. All the more reason to move soon!

Nick and I had a great talk last night while enjoying what will likely be our last dinner for a long time at our favorite Chicago restaurant. As it turns out, I really do not think that I want to go into nonprofit development. The idea of making a living out of asking people for money leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially asking for money for something like dance instead of for a life-or-death cause. I had gotten wrapped up in the idea of still contributing to the dance world before I really thought it out. I'd love to work for a dance or arts organization, but not in development.

We realized together (Nick is so good at helping me toward my own conclusions) that what would make me exceedingly happy is to be some sort of Project Manager. I thrive on busy situations where I am in charge of the operations, the nitty-gritty. My happiest times in college were when I was stage managing or producing shows, or when I was putting together choreography. I love orchestrating something large; I can see the big picture and how to get there. 'Best place to work' would certainly help me get to this sort of role, and so would a number of other places.

While I haven't made any sort of true commitment, I'm leaving May 3rd. Hopefully, once I'm in San Francisco, I can take advantage of the connections Nick and I have made. I'm expecting that someone in the know will be able to point me in the right direction for this new sort of goal!

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