Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is it a baby, or a... I don't even know what

I make a point of religiously reading the posts over at Chicagoist. Mostly, I read them because I think they kick ass, and they always manage to hit the nail on the head about the nuances, quirks, annoyances, and bliss of living in this city (the other editions are great as well, and I've been reading SFist in preparation of my move). What kills me, today at least, is their knack for finding some seriously hilarious shtuff in the news, such as today's gem about bringing your precious baby into the big, bad city.

I find it hilarious. First of all, the advice is WAY off. Why do you need to stay on Michigan Avenue? There are much better places to stay, without staying with relatives as they suggest. Most people's relatives live in the suburbs, not the city, and then you would have to deal with the dreaded, dirty public transportation! Portillo's as the only dining suggestion? Come on people, Chicago is really turning into an incredible culinary city that even I can enjoy (for the most part, though I eat far more than my fair share of Logan Square tacos) on my part-time, nonprofit income... although by all means, have a beef sandwich and a hotdog dragged through the garden at Portillo's. But the really hilarious and infuriating part of this article, and supposed issue, is the way in which people coddle their children! Am I of a dying generation of kids who played with bugs, ate dirt, and had some crazy city experiences?

Let the kids touch some germs on the L. If your hotel isn't one possessing some special kid-friendly package of toys and babysitters and flying cribs, get over it. Of COURSE kids will like the aquarium, the museums, the planetarium, Navy Pier, etc. Culture your kids, let them get a little dirty, and let them live a little tiny bit. Who knows, you might even have a little bit of fun yourself.

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