Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Careful what you wish for!

Well, my dream employer just called to say that I am one of two candidates being considered for a Research and Stewardship Associate position... letting me use my writing and research skills that I'm using in PR right now while letting me get my foot in the door of the development department in what I consider to be the premiere artistic institution in the country. This would give me the experience I'd need to get into a top arts-based MBA program.

I would love this job. I also think I'd love the job at 'best place to work'. I'd also probably love the three other jobs I applied to today (at this point, I'm going to love a predictable schedule, feeling like I'm accomplishing something, having benefits, and getting regular paychecks). So, what to choose? And how important is money to a girl looking to move to an incredibly expensive city, with hopes to purchase a condo with her boyfriend soon, with future hopes for marriage, travel, etc? We're talking a difference of up to 20k here. What to do if I'm put in the position to choose?

Grrrr. It's all happening at once right now, after almost eight months of searching.

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Kate Hutchinson said...

I would say, be upfront about all options. One, employers like knowing that you're not trying to play them for fools. Say, "I really like this job, but I want you to know I'm also applying at X place, because I really love (insert something here) about X place." This tells them what you're looking for.

Have you looked at any local chapters of APRA? you might be able to meet some Research and Stewardship people there who can give you a leg up.

Drop me a line if you'd like to chat.