Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A hint (okay, a huge pile) of spontaneity

A funny thing happened today... I booked a trip to Amsterdam. I leave in exactly one week and 3 hours. Nick said "Hey look, flights are cheap. Let's have a little anniversary trip". I said "I'll talk to the parents" since A, there's no way in hell I can travel farther than the nearest convenience store on my budget and B, I wasn't expecting my parents to help out. That's the dumb part... they're SO happy to help me, what with me saving them two quarters of tuition, being a good kid, having an incredibly unlucky year, and just because they're truly wonderful and generous people. My dad said yes, have fun, thanks for the AMEX points. Sweet, right?

For alot of people my age, this probably wouldn't be a very big deal. A great trip at a great price... hooray. But for me, this is huge. I am (was?) an over-planner... I had my life plan at 3 (and followed it up until this past August) and have always planned everything out to a T. I plan the meals for the week, when chores get done, and my desk is a frightening display of OCD post-it-ing. So to say hey, I'm gonna leave the country in a week, is a big deal for me. I'm still in shock!

Perhaps I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that life is going to do what it wants, despite your best attempts to corral it. More importantly, I'm finding that this is almost always a good thing. Learning to roll with the punches is a huge step, and I'm looking forward to doing it more often...

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edie said...

Good luck with your trip to Amsterdam. I've read through all of your blog & have really enjoyed it. I hope you find a lot of new & interesting things on your visit. Looking forward to checking back in to see what you thought of it. Have fun.