Wednesday, March 5, 2008

For Starters

First blog, so why don't I outline the basics.

1) Name's Victoria, 20-something years old. Graduated from Northwestern University w/ Honors in Dance and Philosophy.

2) Grew up dancing, and was able to have a short professional career. I had plans to continue well into my 30's, but my right knee had other plans.

3) Currently working in PR but trying my damnedest to get a more permanent, interesting job... and in San Francisco. What's in San Francisco? Well, 100000% less winter than Chicago, for one. Lots and lots of enjoyable, green, outdoors things to do. And Nick, the peanut butter to my jelly, the one person I've chosen to keep in my life consistently for what's become nearly 4 years!

4) I have a rescued Chihuahua named Elvis... today's our first anniversary of being together... and I'm sure he'll make some appearances on this blog. He's a rock star, after all.

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