Thursday, May 1, 2008

The most fun one could possibly have in a VC interview

Today was my big, bad VC interview with 'best place to work'.  I've heard absolute horror stories about the face-to-face interviews, but it was such a treat.  I was in the Chicago office for 90 minutes, and spoke with three different administrators in different areas of the company.

The first interviewer was actually the woman whom I would be replacing.  She seemed happy, but tired (everyone in the Chicago office, in both of my visits, also seems happy and tired).  The position sounds as though its pretty much straight-up calendar scheduling, but the woman I would be supporting encourages taking on outside projects.  There would also be a lot of opportunity for some very interesting event planning.  I can also work with the engineers if I have an idea for another way/place to use the platform the team develops.

My second interview was with a gentleman who was an absolute hoot... disheveled but so friendly and energetic.  He went to school in Chicago, so we had a great time catching up on restaurants, neighborhoods, and weather.  After finishing school at U of Chicago, he worked as an admin/account coordinator for a very small marketing firm; what was perhaps most encouraging about speaking to him was that we had so much in common.  He asked a couple of tough questions, and I shot back with tough ones of my own.  Apparently, I can go in a number of different directions after this position, and he said that it would not be unheard of for an administrative associate to jump onto the events team or into project management.  They have a policy which would allow me to spend up to a full day each week sitting in on projects in other teams that interest me, such as events, project management, or even the .org entity.

Number three was 'Mamma Admin'... she supports a very important VP.  She was one of those 'balls to the wall' types, and her interviewing style certainly followed suit.  Thankfully I've been reading all of my interview books and was ready for her.  I was feeling a bit uneasy just because we didn't 'click' as well as I did with the first two, but I sealed the deal at the end.  She asked me how dance will play a role in my work life, and I came up with an answer that even surprised me, because I had never thought about how dance can help.  As it turns out, dance gave me a skill set incredibly suited to this position at this company, as it forced me to make creativity, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and outstanding memory/recall simultaneous habits.  Piano has also done this for me.  She was impressed with the answer and it was a perfect way to end the day.

Hopefully they all felt that it went as well as I'm convinced it did.  Next step will likely be onsite interviews in California, and the position is to be filled by June 1.  May could be quite an exciting month!

My recruiter at 'best place to work' just called.  Apparently everyone loved me yesterday, and its off to another VC next week with two more on the team.  Supposedly they might be able to hire me after that one, unless someone wants to meet me in person. Hooray!

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