Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I found my mojo!

Well, I finally did it.  I took charge of my life yesterday by booking the flights necessary for my move.  My car is getting sold this weekend (along with a much-needed visit to the family in the south), and Elvis and I have a one-way ticket to San Francisco next Saturday.

In this tumultuous year-and-a-half of major life decisions, I have learned an incredible amount about my personal decision-making style.  In my recovery from my knee injury, I spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of returning to dance.  It seemed as though each weighed differently with each day, and it seemed as though I would never figure it out.  All it took was one deciding factor (injuring the knee a second time) for me to make a split-second decision, and I've never looked back.

This move has been a stressful one to plan.  On one hand, I wanted to fly out to San Francisco six months ago when Nick started his rotation there.  I didn't because, quite frankly, I'm not the kind of girl to fly across the country for a boy (there's nothing wrong with doing this, it's just not my style).  Finding a job has been an incredibly difficult process at a distance of 2,000+ miles, but it's an incredibly scary thing to move away from your hometown to an even more expensive one without any sort of income.  In the back of my head I knew it would all work out because I am incredibly lucky to have the safety nets that I do.

Nick had a pretty unfortunate encounter with a pretty miserable 'talent acquisition' person at work, telling him that he had to settle for something he had no interest in just to have a job.  This was a huge wake-up call to us: watch out for yourselves! Suddenly he knew that he had to take matters into his own hands with regards to the job search, and it showed me that I couldn't depend upon the company that has been there for us for two years to help with moving our lives out to California.  Suddenly, my decision was an easy one, and I'm moving in less than two weeks.

What have I learned? I will weigh all possible options and outcomes extensively, but will have no problem making a swift and drastic move as soon as a frontrunner establishes itself.  To the outsider it seems a little crazy: first I can't make a decision to save my life, and then it seems like I make a completely impulsive move.  I think I do this because I spent my whole life trying to plan and worry for my parents who are the most impulsive people I have ever met!

To everyone who said it would all work out: thank you.  But don't you dare say 'I told you so'!

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